Psychological Testing

CAIS Testing

I am a evaluator for the Charlotte Area Independent Schools (CAIS) consortium, offering both the WPPSI-IV and WISC-V depending on the age of your child. The administration of this single test provides a uniform, unbiased, and standardized measure that can be used in the admissions process by the various private schools and avoids multiple evaluations when applying to more than one school in the consortium. The  testing is appropriate for any child aged 4 and up, who will be eligible for JK/TK, Kindergarten, or Grades 1-4 in the following school year.


  • Rising JK/TK, K and Grade 1 applications receive the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI-IV)  Fee: $225.00


  • Rising grades 2-4 applicants are administered the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-V)  Fee: $275.00


Information about the participating private schools, along with the Registration Form and application information, can be found on their websites:

Charlotte Christian School

Charlotte Country Day School

Charlotte Latin School

Charlotte Preparatory School

Providence Day School

Trinity Episcopal School


ADHD/LD Evaluations


I provide psychological testing for children aged 17 and under.


ADHD evaluations may not require a full psychological assessment that includes cognitive, achievement, and social-emotional testing, unless there are co-existing mood disorders or concerns about possible learning differences. I conduct a thorough clinical interview that includes exploration of family, medical, developmental and academic history, review school records, and have parents and children (those over 11) complete a behavior checklist. This information is often sufficient to support or rule out a diagnosis. If not, cognitive and achievement testing can be conducted.


A full psychological evaluation includes the clinical interview described above, but also incorporates formal diagnostic testing that may clarify the existence of processing disorders or learning disabilities. Some children require more testing than others for an accurate diagnosis, so I apply an hourly rate rather than flat rate for these evaluations. Following the initial interview I can provide an estimate of what will likely be needed and the fees to anticipate. Fees can range from $1800 – $2800. With a diagnosis, most insurance plans will provide some reimbursement, but you should explore your coverage if that is a concern. You have the right to request an evaluation from the school system if school performance is affected by your child’s issues.